American Idol Judge Salaries

Steven Tyler
Between selling 150 million albums with Aerosmith, raking in $1 million for each concert appearance, divesting an interest in the band’s catalogue for about $50 million, and inking a $2-million-dollar deal for his autobiography, Steven Tyler is clearly sitting on a nice chunk of change. Add to that the rumored $18 million he’s pulling in as an Idol judge, and the rock star could afford to retire anywhere in the world several times over.

Jennifer Lopez
In 2007, Forbes estimated Jennifer Lopez had a net worth of $110 million. In the interim, the singer/actress took a break from working to have a set of twins, but at the height of her Hollywood days, J.Lo was commanding $12 to $15 million per picture. She also gets a cut of the $1 billion (with a b!) sales of her 15-odd perfumes. Don’t be concerned that putting her career on pause for some baby-making will put Jenny back to the block: People paid her $6 million for the first pics of her bundles of joy. And now she’ll earn $12 million as Judge Jenny, which is certainly enough cash to keep herself iced.

Randy Jackson

 Simon Cowell was pulling in 45 million per year as Idol‘s snarkiest judge. Randy Jackson‘s and Paula Abdul‘s salaries were never released, but murmurings put the figures at between $5 and $8 million. Nothing to sneeze at, but based on the numbers Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are earning, we’re guessing Randy negotiated himself into a higher tax bracket for Season 10.

Ryan Seacrest

 ABC News reported that Seacrest signed a $45 million, 3-year contract, making him the highest paid reality TV star.

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