20 Knee-Slapping News Bloopers

Don Hewitt coined the word “anchor” to describe a news presenter. PBS made the word mainstream in 1952 by describing Walter Cronkite’s role during the Democratic/Republican conventions. Will Ferrell also did an excellent job displaying the day-to-day life of an anchorman as the character of Ron Burgundy.

Being an anchorman or anchorwoman can be very stressful though. Anchors may even just flip out or even sometimes mess up. They may even do something on camera that you weren’t supposed to see. So without further adieu, I give you the 20 best news anchor flip-outs and bloopers.

20. This weatherman on NBC KMIR 6 in Palm Springs, Calif. gets diarrhea on the air and has to take a break.

19. She lost her tittle… Oh the Internet, what they are gonna do with this one!

18. Jane Skinner talks about the district’s top cock!

17. One of the anchors in Augusta, GA has got gas.

16. This anchor in Brisbane calls her husband an arsehole on live TV.

15. CNN catches fire!

14. FOX 13 news anchor is focusing on one area when talking about vasectomies.

13. FOX News anchor says bl-bl-ow job instead of block party.

12. Did you get many spankings as a kid?

11. Anchor and a reporter get in an argument live on the air on NY Good Day.

10. You look like a giant banana!

9. Anchor loses his attention while talking about A.D.D.

8. Under Armour employee is having an effin’ great time.

7. Anchors report a model falling on the runway… and they can’t stop laughing.

6. I LIKE TURTLES! Alright… you’re a great zombie

5. Watch what happens to this guy talking about bird infestations. This is one of the funniest clips I’ve seen on YouTube, honestly.

4. Nancy Grace’s control panel team plays the best prank ever. Bow chicka bow chicka bow.

3. Chuck Storm walks into a pole.

2. Nice melons!

1. Giggity Giggity Giggity.

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